About Us

We've loved every minute of our journey

Our journey began on a road that is based on old family recipes in a time when food was cooked all day and family gatherings were special times of dining and fellowship. It all started with a love of Cajun food, Southern Culture and a desire to share it all with others. And that ideal is how DeVaughn's Cajun Kitchen was brought to life -- the desire to share good Cajun cooking with everyone. 

DeVaughn’s Cajun Kitchen is popular with all ages – kids, families, young adults, "baby boomers" and senior citizens – and all income levels. Our average customer’s cost is about the same (or less) than what you would pay for an average experience at one of the "mass market" catering companies. The difference is that at DeVaughn’s Cajun Kitchen is that we believe you get much more for your money and you get the personal touch!!